+ A liquid facelift;

+ Plus nose mouth wrinkle with hyaluronic acid;

+ Plus marionette lines, with hyaluronic acid.

+ Plus 3 regions Botox.
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Before the treatment...
...and after!
Consult € 30. If you decide to proceed the 
treatment, then this amount is deducted
from the price of treatment.
After 4 treatments
+ Wrinkle reduction through 3D volumization
+ Clinically proven; Thousands procedures performed worldwide

Why Infini?

Liquid Facelift

Is Liquid Facelift a better alternative to surgery?

One major way to make the face look younger without surgery is the Liquid Facelift. As you might expect, a Liquid Facelift is done with a combination of Fillers and Botox.

What we do first is to clean the skin with alcohol followed by the drawing of lines on the face to guide us in making a balanced left side of the face to the right one and the placing of the filler correctly from forehead to the chin. The second step is for the placing of the filler and botox.

Since we want to give a natural look and not one that looks like it has been overdone, we like to do the treatment in two steps.

Here are the steps for the Liquid Facelift treatment:

First step is to place filler in the correct geographical location with a little under correction. This is because the hyaluronic acid filler is hydroscopic, meaning that it attracts water in the skin and gives a slight increase in volume. Most hyaluronic acid fillers are double crosslinked, which means they attract more water than the non-crosslinked fillers.

Second step we do in about 7 days, so that we can see what the result is for the conservatively placed filler. This gives the client a week to get used to the result, so he can easily tell us, if he would like more treatment or if we need to make any light corrections.

The treatment lasts about 10-12 months, before a touch up is needed. A beautiful thing about a Liquid Facelift is that none of it is permanent and the body biologically degrades the fillers back to your look before the procedure. Unfortunately, with surgical facelifts, it stays with you whether the procedure was good or bad.

Skin snap test:

If the client has some other issues in their face such as, heavy wrinkling under the eyes, we do a skin snap test to see if the skin under the eye has the tightness to hold the filler flat. A bad snap test means that we need to address the the loose skin problem by first doing a series of fractional laser treatments (3 or 4) to stimulate collagen production, which tightens the skin.

This procedure takes up to 3 or 4 months before seeing a nice result. When the skin under the eye is tight, we can do a tear trough filler procedure with a filler and cannula to fill the tear trough groove. This groove is often seen in clients in the 40 to 70 year age group, who look tired because of the deep grooves under the eyes. After completing the tear trough procedure, the client is ready for the cheekbones and the rest of the Liquid Facelift.

Liquid Facelift also includes the Naso-labial grooves, Oral Commissure grooves and 3 regions of Botox for the forehead, frons and crows feet on the lateral aspect of the eyes. If the client has loose skin on the neck and not a lot of fat on that skin, we can tighten that skin with a Nefertiti Neck Lift.

The idea for all of this, is to make you look younger and more confident in your appearance.

If you find this interesting, make an online appointment and let us have a consultation with you to discuss the possibilities for your Liquid Facelift.

Liquid Facelift Amsterdam

Liquid Facelift Before

Liquid Facelift Amsterdam

Liquid Facelift After

Liquid Facelift Amsterdam

Liquid Facelift Before

Liquid Facelift Amsterdam

Liquid Facelift After

Procedures done by Frank Buccafurno